Japanese psychedelic rock band. FUKUOKA Rinji: vocals, guitar YAMAZAKI Taiga: guitar Louis INAGE: bass MOROHASHI Shigeki: drums


Majutsu no Niwa new release - Ecstatic Crystallization -

artist: Majutsu no Niwa
title: Ecstatic Crystallization
number: CS 60
label: Sloow Tapes – Tout(belgium)

Feedback drenched guitarnoise drones by Rinji Fukuoka’s Majutsu no Niwa, his follow-up band to the legendary Overhang Party. A magical garden of post-Velvet doom stripped to the bare essentials by way of the Japanese psyche. 100 copies.

Sloow Tapes

updated_new songs:http://www.myspace.com/majutsunoniwa