Japanese psychedelic rock band. FUKUOKA Rinji: vocals, guitar YAMAZAKI Taiga: guitar Louis INAGE: bass MOROHASHI Shigeki: drums


Reissued Majutsu no Niwa `FRONTERA`

完成直前、2012年6月25日に急逝したJoel Nickelson の始めたNEW VAGUE RECORDS、作品番号第2番が本作、FRONTERAのLPヴァージョンである。流通をSIWA RECORDSが引き継ぎ、9月に本作は発売された。
最高品質の180グラム重量盤で、見開きジャケット、82分強の2枚組。オリジナルCDに対して、B面の一部曲順を差し替え、C面に「あまねく潜む」“Lurking All Over”を1曲追加したcomplete versionのFRONTERAである。国内ではModern Musicその他で取り扱い中。

The vinyl version of FRONTERA was initiated by Joel Nickelson of NEW VAGUE RECORDS, but after his sudden death on the 25th of July, 2012, just before its completion, SIWA RECORDS took over the rest of the work and now finally released.
It’s the complete version of over 80 minutes 2-CD set, in its best quality with gatefold cover. As opposed to the original CD, the order of some songs on the side B have been altered, and one song “Lurking All Over”has been added on the side C.

artist: Majutsu no Niwa
price: 3200yen
num: NV-002
format: 2LP

Deluxe 2LP reissue of the first studio album by Majutsu No Niwa (the band that rose from the ashes of the mighty Overhang Party). Originally released on a Japanese only CD this vinyl version includes an extra track form the same sessions left off the cd due to time constraints. We get crunching psychedelic rock, an acoustic comedown then a final 22+ minute feedback and electronics laden journey into the void. Pressed on RTI HQ180 gram vinyl (the only 180gm produced in the US that matters) and housed in a heavy tip-on gatefold jacket. All around a beautifully presented item and it comes into the world in a limited edition of 500.